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Hollywood Hair is starting its trichology week and invites you for free tests!

Hollywood Hair startuje z tygodniem trychologicznym i zaprasza na darmowe badania!

Hollywood Hair, a leader in the domestic hair extension market, invites women to take part in its trichology week. As part of the event, the brand offers, among others: free tests and consultations with specialists for women. The campaign starts today, i.e. on Monday, November 13, and will last until Friday, November 17 this year. in Warsaw.

The inspiration to organize a trichology week by Hollywood Hair is the company's desire to support and help women. The date of the campaign is deliberately October, which has been the month of breast cancer prevention for years and draws attention to women's health issues.
- Health is the most important thing in our lives. We, as Hollywood Hair, also want to support and motivate women to take comprehensive care of their health. As part of our campaign, we encourage them, among others, to: to take part in free consultations with trichologists and scalp tests. Our experts will also be happy to advise you on how to properly care for your hair and your hair
condition - says Klaudia Duszyńska, founder of Hollywood Hair.
During the trichology week with Hollywood Hair, women will also be able to benefit from the analysis of the scalp and hair with a microcamera and seek advice on the selection of scalp care and treatment. During the campaign, the company also offers trichological treatments, such as microcurrent massage, laser scalp therapy and scalp peeling with attractive discounts.
Nowadays, hair plays a very important role and is an integral element of the image. One branch of medicine - trichology - is entirely devoted to them. One of the most serious problems that may affect our hair is hair loss or even baldness. Poor hair condition may also indicate more serious body ailments. On
The condition of our villi is influenced by, among others, diet, stress and improper care.
- If we do not take proper and conscious care of our scalp, it will affect the appearance and condition of our hair. What's more - very often, their loss has a negative impact on the well-being and, consequently, on the mental condition of many women. Therefore, it is worth taking an interest in this topic and considering how we can help ourselves. Trichologists support not only in analysis and diagnosis, but also in the treatment of scalp problems. Hair diseases often go unnoticed at the beginning, so you should visit specialists - explains Klaudia Duszyńska.
Participation in the Hollywood Hair trichology week is free of charge, but prior registration is required by calling: 578-903-292. The event is organized at the Hollywood Hair salon at ul. Belwederska 44 in Warsaw. Tests and consultations will be conducted from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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