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Do you offer synthetic or natural hair?

At Hollywood Hair, we only offer natural hair. We do not purchase synthetic hair. We have suppliers who have been proven for years, from whom we buy well-groomed, healthy and top-quality hair. We also sell hair, where you can come personally to cut and sell your hair.

What type of natural hair do you offer?

You can choose from Slavic lux and virgin hair. Slavic hair is dyed hair, available in various shades - to best match the actual hair (i.e. the client's hair). Virgin hair, on the other hand, is most often obtained from children - it is more delicate and undyed.

What lengths are available?

The shortest available lengths are approximately 35 cm, the longest - up to 100 cm. The longest options are more difficult to obtain, so before going to our salon, it is best to call the reception and ask about the availability of a specific length.

Can hair extensions be styled and dyed freely?

Yes, you can dye, style, curl and straighten our hair. When styling, however, remember to provide your hair with thermal protection - using a thermal protection spray. We do not recommend bleaching your hair.

Can I just thicken my hair?

Yes. The HH Keratin mini bondes extension method we use also only allows you to thicken your hair to your own length. We often undertake difficult cases such as side and bangs reconstruction.

Can I extend my hair after chemotherapy?

Yes, if your hair is already the right length (approx. 10 cm) and does not fall out excessively.

Are hair extensions for everyone?

Contraindications to hair extension treatment are excessive hair loss and scalp diseases. A positive attitude towards the procedure and no fear of hair loss are also very important.

I'm afraid that hair extensions may harm me

If you are not sure whether hair extensions are for you (you have concerns or fear) - before making an appointment, go to a consultation with a trichologist, dermatologist, psychiatrist or other specialist who will make a decision and give consent.

Do I have to wash my head before the treatment?

Please always come to the salon with clean hair; it is cleansed again with special products before the treatment. After the extension service, you should not wash your hair for at least 48 hours.

What method is the procedure performed?

Hollywood Hair uses the HH Keratin mini bonds method and the Hidden Method. These are our own methods in which we manually form small, strong and very durable welds made of the best quality natural keratin. Keratin does not destroy the hair structure, and the strands themselves are therefore reusable.

How long does a hair extension treatment take?

Depending on the expected density, the treatment lasts on average 2-3 hours. However, this treatment may take up to 6 hours - it all depends on your expectations. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

What does the warranty cover?

The hair care guarantee includes free check-ups and corrections, advice, quick contact and support. In addition, we will replace strands that have fallen off and rearrange any inconvenient strands.

You will learn how to properly care for your hair from our tutorials on the Hollywood Hair YouTube channel and here

How long after wearing my hair can I wash it?

The first hair wash after the treatment can be done after 48 hours at the earliest.

Can I tie my hair up?

For 7 days after wearing your hair, do not put it in a high ponytail to avoid stretching the hair and irritating the scalp. For sleep, we recommend tying your hair into two ponytails or two loose braids.

How to wash your hair?

We wash our hair every 1-3 days only in a vertical position. We use recommended shampoos, conditioners and masks from Hollywood Hair. We do not tangle the hair while washing - we thoroughly massage the scalp with our fingertips. Then we rinse the cosmetics from the hair very thoroughly. After washing, you can wrap your hair in a turban with a towel to dry it and then blow dry it.

Can I sleep with damp/wet hair?

Dry your hair thoroughly before going to bed. We do not lie down with damp or wet hair. This may cause numerous tangles and problems with combing your hair, even your own.

How to dry your hair properly?

Before drying, comb your hair thoroughly and use Hollywood Hair heat protectant. Then we dry the hair with a hair dryer from top to bottom, combing it at the same time.

How to care for your hair?

The success of proper care is the selection of appropriate, safe cosmetics such as Hollywood Hair cosmetics - which are designed for extended hair to support their quality and lifespan.

How to comb your hair?

Hair should be thoroughly combed from the roots 1-2 times a day, before and after bathing and initial drying with a towel. We recommend using the Hollywood Hair brush, which thoroughly combs the inter-weld spaces. Once every 2 weeks, check the joints with your fingers and, if necessary, separate them from each other.

When should you go for a hair lift?

The appointment for a hair lift is from 1.5 to 4 months, depending on the condition and thickness of the natural hair.

Contraindications to the treatment include excessive hair loss, scalp diseases, and fear of losing one's own hair. If you are not sure whether your hair is suitable for extensions, consult a trichologist, dermatologist, psychiatrist or specialist who will issue appropriate consent. Hollywood Hair salons do not carry out tests for contraindications to the treatment, the client decides to undergo the treatment at his own risk.