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Hair care is very important if we want to enjoy beautiful and long hair for many months. How to take care of hair extensions?

How to wash your hair after keratin extensions?

Washing hair extensions should be done in a vertical position, i.e. from the top, with the head tilted back, preferably in the shower. Notice that hairdressers wash their hair in hair salons in a similar way - it's no coincidence! Absolutely do not tangle or wash your hair in circular motions. Also, avoid washing them over the bathtub, keeping your head down. You can wash your hair in water at any temperature you like. After soaking them, proceed to the next stage:

  • Applying Shampoo - Apply shampoo to the scalp. You can scrub this part, and when foam is created, drag it down and gently massage it into the rest of the hair.

  • Rinsing - do it thoroughly! Otherwise, you may experience an itchy scalp. After rinsing, drain excess water from your hair.

  • Applying conditioner/mask - gently massage the conditioner or mask into the ends of your hair. Do not apply it to the scalp! After five minutes, you can rinse it out of your hair. Drain excess water.

How to comb and dry hair extensions?

First, you can wrap your hair in a turban with a towel to let it dry a bit. Then apply a thermo-protective spray conditioner to damp hair (or rather to the ends). Start combing - be sure to do it in small sections using a special brush for hair extensions. After combing, start drying them from top to bottom, but leave them slightly damp. Then finish drying your hair with a brush: insert the brush under the strands, apply the dryer at an angle and gradually move it down.


We advise you not to use drugstore care products, because they do not provide your hair with proper hydration. Use products without oils and alcohols offered in hairdressing wholesalers or visit our store.

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