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How to choose the right color of extensions for your hair?

Jak wybrać odpowiedni kolor przedłużeń dla swoich włosów?

Hair extensions are a great way to change your hairstyle, but how to choose ? appropriate color of extensions _ _ for your hair ? A well-chosen color is crucial to create a natural and harmonious look. In this article we present some tips that will help you choose the right hair color.

Determine your hair color _

Extensions should belt _ to the color of your hair , so it is important to determine your color precisely. It is best to do this in natural light, without artificial lighting, to get the most accurate result.

Consult _ with professionals

If you're not sure what color extensions will be best for you, it's worth it consult a hairdresser or stylist . A professional can help you choose the perfect color based on your hair color, complexion and lifestyle.


Try several shades of extensions _

Before you decide on a specific color of extensions, it's worth it try it out several different shades . You can choose several colors and compare them with your hair to see which one suits you best.

What else should you remember ?

In addition to hair color, it is also worth paying attention to its structure and type. There are extensions available on the market made of natural hair and synthetic materials. Natural extensions they are more expensive, but they better imitate the natural appearance of hair, are more flexible and are easier to work with. On the other hand synthetic extensions they are cheaper, but may look less natural and require more careful care.


Hair color and extension method _ _

It is also important to good ć appropriate _ method _ extensions that will be suitable for a given hair type. Hollywood Hair's original hh keratin mini bondes method allows you to precisely select hair extension strands without dyeing your natural hair, so you don't have to worry about the color, Hollywood Hair specialists will choose the perfect one by mixing several different shades of hair extensions.


Choosing the right one shade of hair extensions can be difficult, but remember that the key to achieving a natural look is to choose a shade close to the color of your natural hair. When in doubt, always consult a hair stylist or hair extension specialist who will help you choose the best option. Trying out a few options before making your final choice can also be helpful.

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