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Hair extensions and pregnancy: is it safe?

Przedłużanie włosów a ciąża: czy jest to bezpieczne?

Hair is not only decoration, but also a source of some kind of identity and self-acceptance. It's no wonder that many women choose hair extensions to improve their appearance and feel more confident. However, when a woman becomes pregnant, many of these decisions must be reconsidered to make sure they are safe for her health and the health of her baby. In this article, we will present the facts about hair extensions during pregnancy .

Is hair extension safe during pregnancy ? _ _

Pregnancy is not a contraindication to hair extension or thickening, but increased hair loss may occur in the postpartum period. In this case, before hair extension treatment with any method, you should consult a doctor or specialist.

A common question is whether you can dye your hair during pregnancy and whether it is safe for the baby. The answer is clear - you can. It won't harm your baby or you.


How to care o extended hair during pregnancy ? _ _ _

If you decide to extend your hair during pregnancy and the postpartum period, you should ensure proper supplementation, and it is a good idea to use scalp lotions and other products that will support the hair bulbs.

Extended hair also requires proper care . You should wash your hair regularly shampoo and apply conditioner to prevent dryness and damage.



Hair extensions during pregnancy are definitely safe and should not be avoided . fear ć about the child's health , maybe also dye ć hair . _ You need to take care of yourself in the postpartum period for supplementation and the selection of cosmetics that properly nourish skin _ heads . _