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Why hair extensions fall out: causes and solutions

Dlaczego włosy przedłużane wypadają: przyczyny i rozwiązania

Hair extensions _ _ _ _ _ are an increasingly popular way to quickly and effectively change your hairstyle, but maintaining them requires special care. One of the most common problems faced by women who decide to have hair extensions is: their falling out . In this article we will discuss the causes and possible solutions to this problem.

Can hair be extended ? _ _ _ fall out ?

Yes it's true. Hair extensions can come loose from the joints, most often due to improper care or improperly styled hair. It happens that the strands come off completely and this may also be caused by improper care or too greasy hair cosmetics.

How to care o extended hair to prevent it from falling out ?

To avoid hair extensions falling out, you need to take proper care of them . Choose specialized cosmetics intended for hair extensions, which are delicate and not too heavy on the hair, and follow the care instructions provided by stylists. The Hollywood Hair brand offers a whole range of cosmetics intended for hair extensions, including shampoos, conditioners and masks


How to wash and comb hair extensions?

Caring for extended hair is not difficult , but you need to remember about proper care . You should use specialized shampoos and conditioners. Company cosmetics HollywoodHair were created specifically for hair extensions to maintain the best quality of hair throughout the entire period of use.

Facts and myths about hair extension loss


MYTH 1: Every hair extension leads to hair loss.

FACT: Properly performed hair extensions do not lead to hair damage or loss. Remember to take care of it properly

MYTH 2: Permanently extended highlights can stay on the head for a long time.

FACT: Strands should be pulled up regularly at the recommended time by the stylist to prevent damage to natural hair and maintain the proper condition of the scalp.

MYTH 3: Permanently extended strands are extremely uncomfortable and heavy.

FACT: Good quality strands are light and comfortable, and wearing them does not cause any major problems. Hollywood Hair hair extensions are discreet and comfortable connections made of natural hair.

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