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Cost of hair extensions – what influences the price? How to save?

Koszt przedłużania włosów – co wpływa na cenę? Jak zaoszczędzić?

Many of us dream of long and shiny hair, preferably immediately. Even the best hair growth preparations cannot work miracles quickly, which is why we are increasingly willing to use other solutions - hair extensions. In this article you will find out which affects the price hair extensions _ _ _ _ _ and how you can save on this service.

Type of hair extensions _ _ _

First of all, this type of hair extensions mainly affects the cost of the service. Natural hair is more expensive than synthetic hair. Moreover, the price also depends on the length and quality of the hair, i.e. factors such as density, thickness and color. Obviously, the better the quality, the higher the price.


Which hair extension technique is the cheapest and which is the most expensive?

There are many hair extension techniques, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and they also differ in price. The cheapest method is hair extension using _ _ _ _ _ clips . This method involves attaching strands to natural hair using clips. It is also one of the easiest methods that you can even do on your own at home, e.g. before a "big night out".

Another method is hair extension using _ _ _ _ _ microrigs that are placed on natural hair. Then the strands are attached to them. This method can damage the scalp, often by pulling the hair tightly and using metal rings.

The most expensive method is keratin extension . _ _ This method involves attaching highlights to natural hair using keratin. This is one of the most durable methods, but it requires the most time and experience, which means the cost of the service is high. The original Hollywood Hair hh keratin mini bondes method allows for individual application

hair extension system, color selection and application technique. This method is the safest and least visible hair extension method.

Hair extensions clip - in or sew-in method ?

Clip-in method it is cheaper because the hair is already ready for use and can be installed easily, even at home. Sew-in method requires an experienced stylist who will "sew" the highlights to your natural hair.

This method is more durable, but also more expensive than clip-in. More details can be found in our article about hair extension methods .


Hair extensions and quality – is it worth spending more?

The final effect depends largely on quality of extended hair , which also affects the cost . High-quality hair will look natural and will serve you for a long time.

Caring for extended hair how not to overdo it ? _ _

Extended hair requires ... _ _ _ _ special care to maintain their natural appearance and durability. Therefore, it is worth choosing products intended for the care of extended hair.

To sum up, hair extensions can be expensive - it really depends on many factors. For more information, see another article about this how much  the cost of hair extensions . It is important to choose an extension method that is right for us. Let's choose high-quality hair to maintain a natural and healthy appearance. When choosing cosmetics for the care of extended hair, we should be guided primarily by the experience of the cosmetic brand.

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