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Do hair extensions damage your hair: myths and facts

Czy przedłużanie włosów niszczy włosy: mity i fakty

Hair extension _ _ _ _ _ is a popular method thanks to which you can get your dream, longer and fuller hairstyle in a short time. However, many people fear that this procedure may damage their hair. In the article below, we will dispel the myths and present facts about hair extensions.

Myths about hair extensions

Hair extensions cause baldness

This is one of the most common myths about hair extensions. The fact is that wrong selection of hair extension method or incorrect application _ _ _ _ may damage hair follicles. Choose proven stylists based on recommendations from other clients. Before the procedure, make an appointment for a consultation.

Hair extensions weaken their structure _ _ _ _ _

Another frequently repeated myth about hair extensions is that this procedure weakens the structure of the hair. The fact is that wrong selection of materials or incorrect application may lead to _ _ to hair damage . However, professionally performed hair extensions using appropriate materials, such as natural hair, do not damage them.

The truth about hair extensions

Hair extensions require proper care

The fact is that Hair extensions require proper care to maintain their healthy appearance and avoid damage. It is recommended to use special shampoos and conditioners intended for extended hair and to visit the salon regularly for hair extensions. In addition, remember to use heat protection when styling when using heat treatment such as drying, straightening or curling your hair with a curling iron.


Hair extensions require caution when styling them _ _ _ _

The fact is that the hair is long _ _ _ _ more delicate and sensitive to mechanical damage than natural hair. Therefore, it is important to be careful when styling them and use products that protect the hair against high temperatures. Take your pick

styling products that are suitable for extended hair - look at the ingredients, not the price.

Hair extensions can affect _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for fitness scalp _ _

The fact is that extended hair may affect the condition of the scalp . Hair extensions using glue or rings can cause tension on the scalp, which may lead to irritation or pain. Therefore, it is important to choose a safe hair extension method that does not cause scalp irritation and follow care recommendations.



Hair extensions do not damage the hair as long as it is done professionally and using appropriate materials and techniques . However, it requires regular care and caution when styling.

It is also important to choose a hair extension method that is safe for the hair and scalp. Therefore, if you want to extend your hair, it is worth consulting a professional who will provide advice on the care of your hair extensions.

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