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How to care for your hair in summer? Hollywood Hair guide

Jak dbać o włosy latem? Poradnik od Hollywood Hair

Sun, beach and sea water - the time we have been waiting for, summer, is fast approaching. At this time of year, we often focus on protecting our skin against excessive ultraviolet radiation. However, it is worth remembering that during the warm months our hair needs special protection to look beautiful and be in the best condition. So how to take care of them in the summer? Below you will find some tips that will make their care easy and pleasant, and you will still enjoy dazzling hair after returning from your vacation.


Use headgear

Who among us doesn't like basking in the sun? While it gives us a lot of joy and allows us to relax, its effects may be harmful to the hair. Under the influence of the sun, they may lose their condition, become brittle, dry and even fall out (the sun weakens the hair follicles). How to prevent this? Always take a hat with you when you plan to spend a long time in the sun. A hat or cap will help us protect our hair, and at the same time can be an element of an interesting holiday styling.


Protection against drying out

Chlorinated pool water and salty sea water also have a negative impact on hair - when we dry our wet hair in the sun after contact with water, the harmful effect of sunlight on it is very great. The water evaporating from them will promote drying. What to do in this situation? It is worth having, for example, a moisturizing mist on hand, which will keep your hair moist all the time.

Rinse your hair after getting out of the water

As we have already mentioned, sea salt and chlorine are not good for our hair. The fact that even a small amount of salt in water deprives the hair of its natural moisture has been proven. Remember to rinse your hair after bathing. One of the worst things we can do to them is to let them dry with chlorine or salt. Failure to follow this recommendation will result in your hair not only being dry but also brittle and rough after returning from vacation. However, it is a good idea to use a shower cap when bathing.


Use oils

Hair oils should be on the list of essential holiday cosmetics and accessories. Oiling is one of the best and most proven ways to nourish and regenerate hair. Additionally, this treatment will also affect their appearance and make the hair look beautiful. Which hair oils to choose? We encourage you to visit our store where you will find appropriate products.


Don't forget about your scalp

The appearance and condition of our hair also depend on what happens on our scalp . It is worth using a scalp peeling to cleanse it of the remains of cosmetics (e.g. styling products) and remove dead epidermis. After such a peeling, we can use lotions (containing e.g. nettle, lavender, licorice or aloe juice), which are conditioners intended for scalp care. Not only in summer, but also all year round, let's make sure that our scalp is properly moisturized and clean, which will help us maintain good condition of our hair.

Eat healthy

What we eat is important for our hair. In the summer, let's reach for fresh vegetables and fruits, which are treasure troves of vitamins. Our menu should also include unsaturated fatty acids in the form of olive oil, sea fish containing omega-3 and legumes rich in iron and zinc.

Following the above tips will certainly help you take proper care of your hair, especially now when we can enjoy the intense sun. By the way, we wish you a nice holiday!

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