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How to care for your hair extensions: a care guide

Jak dbać o przedłużane włosy: przewodnik pielęgnacji

Hair is not only a decoration, but also an element of our image that affects our well-being and self-confidence. One of the most popular ways to quickly and effectively change your hairstyle is hair extensions, which offer many possibilities

styling. However, to maintain the health and beauty of your hair extensions, proper care must be taken. Check out ours a guide to care for extended hair _ _ and find out which shampoo to choose for hair extensions.

Conditioning of extended hair _ _ _

Hair conditioner helps strengthen hair _ terminals _ _ and prevents them from splitting. However, remember not to apply this product directly to the joints of your hair extensions, as it may weaken their durability and contribute to hair loss. Instead, apply conditioner only to the length of your hair, avoiding joints.

Recommended conditioners for hair extensions:

👉 Argan conditioner

👉 Keratin conditioner

Oiling extended hair _ _ _ _

Oiling allows you to moisturize hair , prevents hair loss and protects against brittleness. It is best to use natural oils, such as coconut oil, argan oil or castor oil. Apply a small amount of oil to the hair below the joints, then leave it for about an hour before washing your hair. Rinse your head and wash your hair with shampoo.

Recommended hair oils

👉 Argan oil

👉 Hair serum


Shampoo for hair extensions

Which shampoo to choose ? for extended hair ? _ _ _ Hair extensions require special care, so it is important to use a shampoo dedicated to hair extensions. Such a shampoo should have a delicate formula and appropriate composition that will not damage the joints.

Recommended shampoos for hair extensions:

👉 Argan conditioner

Hair styling using high temperature

Extended hair is more susceptible to mechanical damage, that's why please remember _ _ _ _ on the use of thermal protection styling your hair using high temperature. Thermal protection prevents hair damage and helps keep it in good condition.

👉 Thermal protection for hair extensions

Washing and combing

Hair extensions should be to wash in a vertical position (not tilted, e.g. over a bathtub). The towel is only intended to be used to squeeze excess water from the hair. Use to comb extended hair a special comb or brush recommended by the stylist , which has appropriate spaces to facilitate combing between the capsules.

👉 Recommended brush for hair extensions


Regular visits to the hairdresser

A hairdresser can help you maintain the proper quality of your hair which affects their overall appearance. A visit to the hairdresser will also allow you to check whether the connections of the hair extensions are in good condition and whether they require any repairs.

Hair extension care guide summary _ _ _

It is worth remembering that proper care of your hair extensions will preserve their beauty and health, as well as extend their durability.

When choosing a shampoo for hair extensions, remember to choose products dedicated to this type of hair and to protect your hair when styling it. Regular visits to the hairdresser and the use of oiling and nourishing will help maintain the beauty of extended hair for a long time.

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