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Can hair extensions be dyed: tips and techniques

Czy włosy przedłużane można farbować: porady i techniki

Women are more and more willing to choose hair extensions for various reasons. First of all, they want to obtain beautiful, thick and long strands. One of the questions that hairdressers are often asked is: " can you dye your hair extensions ?" In this article, we will try to answer this question and present tips and techniques for dyeing hair extensions.

Can extended hair be dyed ? _ _ _ _ _

Good news: yes, hair extensions can be dyed . However, before dyeing, you should take into account several important factors, such as the hair extension method, hair condition, color and degree of dyeing.


Hair extension methods

There are various hair extension methods available on the market. Each of these types requires a different approach to dyeing. For example, if you have hair extensions method _ clip-in , you can easily remove them before dyeing and put them back on after dyeing. However, in the case of extension method _ _ _ _ keratin , hair dyeing will require more caution because the dye may destroy the glue that connects the extended strands to natural hair.

Hair condition _

If your hair extensions are already weakened, dyeing them may weaken them even more. This is why, before dyeing, it should be carefully assessed condition of hair and if necessary, wait with dyeing until the hair gets stronger.

Color and grade dyeing

Dyeing hair extensions may require : _ _ _ _ other technique than dyeing natural hair , especially if a woman has different hair colors. When dyeing hair extensions, remember that the dye may have a different effect on the extensions than on natural hair, which may lead to undesirable effects.

Tips and techniques for dyeing extended hair

  1. Before dyeing always consult with a hairdresser/stylist who will assess the condition of the hair and select the appropriate dye and dyeing technique.
  2. If you have extended strands with different colors, dye each color separately to avoid unwanted effects.
  3. When dyeing strands, use ammonia-free dye and do not apply it directly to the joints
  4. Before dyeing, wash and dry your hair extensions thoroughly, and then gently comb them with a special brush for hair extensions to avoid tangling.
  5. Always choose high-quality professional dyes that will not damage your hair extensions.
  6. After dyeing, rinse your hair thoroughly and dry it gently, avoiding rubbing with a towel.
  7. Avoid heat styling your hair for a few days after dyeing to prevent weakening your hair.



Dyeing extended hair is possible , but requires proper care and technique . Before dyeing, it is worth consulting a hairdresser and assessing the condition of the hair and the type of extension. By choosing the right paint and dyeing technique, you can achieve a beautiful and natural effect that will highlight your beauty.

So, if you are thinking about dyeing your hair extensions, contact us and arrange a consultation with our stylist. We will be happy to advise you on dyeing and provide professional and safe service.

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