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How to look beautiful from the inside

Jak zadbać o piękny wygląd od środka

Today I will tell you the revealed truth. Each of us likes to take care of ourselves. Surprised? Not at all, right? This is why we go to beauticians, hairdressers, extend our hair, cut it and style it. These obvious pleasures have become a permanent part of our canon of self-care. It's so normal for us.

But what if we have to do a hybrid because our own nails are brittle and brittle? Or when we add hair extensions because our own hair is falling out so much? At such a moment, it is worth considering whether our body is suffering from diseases resulting from severe nutritional deficiencies. Do you know why this happens? Because your body is an engineer devoid of aesthetics and empathy that doesn't care whether you feel attractive or not. For him, what matters is the economy and economics. If there is a lack of silicon, collagen, amino acids, vitamins C and E and other ingredients necessary for the harmonious functioning of all organs, the screws will be tightened where it will have the least impact on the entire homeostasis - on your appearance.

I don't know if you realize it, but many cells in your body are constantly undergoing a process of replacement. Old cells die and new ones appear in their place. This is what happens with collagen - the spiral structure that builds your gums, but also your skin, hair and nails. What's the easiest way to imagine the structure of collagen? It is a tightly coiled spiral with two hooks at both ends. Thanks to this structure, collagen provides strong elasticity in response to stretching, and the hooks help attach to subsequent spirals, thus creating a mesh that resembles an elastic suit that forms the coating of our skin, as well as other structures - hair, nails, and tendons. and joints. This structure allows the collagen suit to function efficiently for years. Of course, this situation occurs when our body lacks elements to carry out the process of regenerating collagen spirals.

Unfortunately, we are increasingly learning that just after the age of 30 (and sometimes even earlier due to an unfavorable lifestyle and diet), collagen spirals begin to weaken, which causes our suit to begin to deteriorate. There are elements of stretching and cracking, which sometimes mean sagging skin, sometimes stretch marks and brittle, brittle hair.

What hinders us every day in the process of regeneration of our body? First of all, a diet low in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It is worth ensuring an adequate supply of fish, as well as linseed oil or evening primrose oil.

However, there are some ingredients that are difficult to find in food. Luckily for you, we created Collagen Beauty Powder! So that each of us can feel 100% woman. Its unique formula contains hydrolyzed collagen, as well as a large dose of vitamin C, lysine and MSM to actively support the production and reconstruction of collagen. An additional advantage of the formula is the high silicon content, which is a real container ship that flows to your hair, skin and nails, loaded to the brim with other active ingredients that ensure better circulation and nourishment of your body! Each portion of beauty with an amazing strawberry flavor will become not only a permanent element of taking care of your appearance, but also a sweet moment!

Try it Collagen Beauty Powder and see how tasty taking care of your appearance can be!

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