She already has 270,000 followers on Instagram. followers, she is a famous businesswoman and a successful woman. She runs the "Hollywood Hair" chain of salons, and on top of all that, she is also a fulfilled wife and mother of two sons. Klaudia Duszyńska talked about herself in a video podcast, which can now be watched on You Tube. This is the pilot of the "Hollywood Hair Inspirations" series, in which the entrepreneur intends to host interesting guests and discuss topics related to hair extensions, care and broadly understood well-being. And since Klaudia Duszyńska's story is what - apart from her original hair extension method - is of most interest to her fans, the founder of "Hollywood Hair" decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about her on the Internet.

I'm not a hairdresser and I didn't learn this profession at school. My first business was clothing design. I had my own sewing room, production, sales worldwide and many trusted clients. – revealed Kaludia Duszyńska. – But a new idea was born. It actually came out of a conversation. Because I extended my hair myself, I went to different salons and tried different methods, but I was never satisfied. There were always some mistakes, something I didn't like - the quality of the hair, the size of the joints... Once I talked to my husband, Adam, and said that I had a problem with it. And then he said - why don't you take care of it if there is no person who can do it well?

The rest is history! Klaudia Duszyńska decided to open her own salon, introduced her own method of hair extensions and developed the business so much that women all over Poland, including many stars, loved it. Clients can use the services of "Hollywood Hair" in seven salons located in Warsaw, Sopot, Kraków, Poznań, and soon in Wrocław and... Marbella, Spain. But Klaudia Duszyńska's business is not only about hair extension services. It also offers trichological services and a wide range of hair care products. Every client who decides to visit "Hollywood Hair" can count on a comprehensive and professional tailor-made service.

What else did Klaudia Duszyńska reveal in "Hollywood Hair Inspirations"? Please watch the video!