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Treatments using a Comprehensive System for analysis, laser therapy and oxidation of the scalp and hair

Zabiegi z użyciem Kompleksowego Systemu do analizy, laserowej terapii oraz oksydacji skóry głowy i włosów

Trichological consultation with examination of the scalp and hair with a trichoscope

The consultation includes:

  • interview with the client in the form of a specially prepared survey,
  • thorough analysis and discussion of symptoms and disease,
  • proposing appropriate analytical tests,
  • determining possible causes of the disease,
  • learning proper skin care,
  • proposing appropriate care and supplementation.

Cost: PLN 150

Laser therapy of the scalp and hair with 5 types of light

LED Hair Laser is based on Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) technology, which, among other things, stimulates hair growth by increasing the blood supply to the scalp and hair bulbs.

The unique laser light penetrates deep into the skin tissue, where it stimulates microcirculation, supports cell metabolism and protein synthesis.

European research confirms that LLLT ensures better blood supply to the hair bulb,

reduces irritation and energizes dying cells, leading to thicker and healthy hair growth.

It was found that the progression of hair loss was stopped in 85% of patients and the fact that LLLT rebuilds and improves the quality of hair with at least a 25% increase in hair volume.

Indications for the procedure:

  • hair loss,
  • hair loss after Covid,
  • hair loss after pregnancy,
  • drug-induced alopecia,
  • male pattern baldness,
  • age-related hair thinning,
  • hair loss after illness,
  • weak, devitalized, dull, dry hair,
  • thin hair,
  • slow hair growth,
  • hair falling out due to seborrhea of ​​the scalp.


  • stopping the progression of hair loss,
  • hair regrowth stimulation,
  • acceleration of hair growth,
  • hair reconstruction,
  • improving hair quality,
  • increase in hair volume,
  • elimination or significant alleviation of skin inflammation.

Contraindications :

  • pregnancy and lactation period,
  • use of photosensitizing drugs.

Red – accelerates skin regeneration by increasing the rate of cell division and stimulating the synthesis of collagen, the main protein of connective tissue. Used in therapy to prevent hair loss because it stimulates microcirculation in the scalp.

Yellow – has a soothing effect on all irritations on sensitive skin. Strengthens the walls of capillaries. It is perfect for the treatment of dry dandruff and excessively flaky epidermis.

Blue – has a bactericidal and disinfecting effect and prevents the development of inflammation. Prevents the multiplication of microorganisms. Used in the treatment of ailments such as acne or psoriasis.

1 treatment = PLN 129 / 30 min

Package x 5 = PLN 599


Oxygen infusion - the oxygen infusion treatment involves the simultaneous injection of highly compressed molecular oxygen and active ingredients into the scalp, which are smuggled deep into the scalp thanks to the use of high pressure. The treatment is performed using an airbrush that emits filtered and concentrated 96% oxygen along with active factors selected by a trichologist to suit the individual scalp problem. With this type of nozzle, we can perform treatments that oxygenate and strengthen blood vessels and regulate the functioning of sebaceous glands. **The final result is accelerated hair growth, reduced hair loss and, above all, a healthy scalp. ** The advantage of oxygen infusion is a non-invasive treatment procedure, no disruption of the epidermis, no complications and side effects. The treatments do not require convalescence and can be performed all year round. The oxygen infusion treatment is also completely safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The infusion package includes 4 treatments.


  • oily scalp,
  • dandruff,
  • hair loss,
  • dry, irritated scalp,
  • itchy scalp,
  • dry, dull hair.


  • cleansing the scalp,
  • strong oxygenation of the scalp,
  • nourishing and moisturizing the skin,
  • skin regeneration,
  • improvement of microcirculation,
  • stimulation, oxygenation and nourishment of hair bulbs,
  • soothing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.


  • fungal and allergic skin conditions.

Oxygen infusion – ampoule for hair loss

Oxygen infusion – ampoule for hair growth

1 treatment = PLN 180

Package x 5 = PLN 799


Microcurrent massage stimulates blood circulation and activates metabolism, thereby strengthening and nourishing hair follicles, preventing hair loss and improving their structure. The treatment also stimulates hair growth, making it nourished and regenerated. Regular treatments with the device will make your hair thick, strong and shiny, and you will proudly present your luscious hair to the world!


  • hair loss,
  • baldness,
  • dandruff,
  • seborrhea,
  • scalp psoriasis,
  • weak and thinning hair,
  • itchy scalp,
  • inflammation of the scalp,
  • excessive oily scalp.


  • nourishment and oxygenation of tissues,
  • hair growth stimulation,
  • stopping baldness and hair loss,
  • increasing the amount and thickness of hair,
  • skin disinfection,
  • normalization of sebum,
  • elimination of dandruff,
  • cleansing the scalp,
  • reducing skin inflammation,
  • preventing excessive oily skin,
  • removal of pathogenic microorganisms from the skin.


  • cancers,
  • pregnancy and lactation period,
  • inflammation of the body,
  • fever,
  • allergic skin conditions,
  • asthma,
  • hypertension,
  • heart diseases,
  • pacemaker,
  • metal implants in the body,
  • braces,
  • amalgam fillings,
  • tooth extraction (3 days after the dental procedure).

1 treatment = PLN 50 / 15 min

Package x 5 = PLN 200



  • seborrhea of ​​the scalp, greasy hair,
  • oily dandruff, clogged hair follicle openings,
  • itchy scalp,
  • limp hair, devoid of vitality,
  • hair loss.

Peeling unclogs the openings of the hair follicles, stimulates blood circulation in the skin, and thus increases the amount of nutrients delivered to the hair follicles.

Scalp peeling should be used before each trichological treatment to increase the effectiveness of subsequent treatments. We recommend using the peel initially once a week, then to maintain the effects - once a month.

1 treatment = PLN 200

Package x 5 = PLN 799


Oxybrasion, also called water-oxygen microdermabrasion, is one of the most innovative and safe methods of cleansing and revitalizing the skin. Using oxygen applied under the pressure of a stream of physiological saline, dead epidermis cells are exfoliated, the skin is cleansed and disinfected, and the reconstruction of collagen fibers and capillaries is stimulated. The cold therapy used during the treatment hardens and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, therefore repeated use of oxybrasion affects not only the epidermis, but also the dermis. This increases skin elasticity and stimulates cells - including hair bulbs - to regenerate.

The treatment accelerates the removal of blackheads, reduces seborrhea and acts on anaerobic bacteria. Eliminates dandruff, excess sebum, psoriatic scales and prevents hair loss. After the treatment, the scalp is deeply cleansed and moisturized.

The therapy is completely safe, painless and does not cause any skin damage. Oxygen infusion is the perfect complement to oxybrasion.


  • contaminated scalp,
  • dry, inelastic scalp,
  • excess sebum,
  • inflammation of follicle,
  • hair loss,
  • scars.


  • skin cleansing and disinfection,
  • elimination of anaerobic bacteria,
  • excellent oxygenation and hydration of the skin,
  • improving blood circulation,
  • narrowing of skin pores,
  • strengthening blood vessels,
  • stabilization of sebum secretion processes,
  • reduction of perifollicular keratosis,
  • perfect preparation of the skin to receive active substances.


  • broken continuity of the epidermis,
  • skin infections
  • allergic skin conditions,
  • psoriasis in the active phase,
  • fresh scars.


  • the scalp and hair should be "chemically clean" (no hair care or styling products should be used on them).


  • the treatment does not require special post-treatment care,
  • To obtain the best post-treatment effects, follow the recommendations agreed individually with your cosmetologist.


  • the treatment can be performed as a single or in a series,
  • In order to obtain therapeutic effects, a full series of treatments must be performed,
  • number of treatments in a series: 3-6,
  • Series treatments are usually performed once a week.

1 treatment = PLN 200

Package x 5 = PLN 899


  • trichological consultation,
  • scalp peeling,
  • scalp oxybrasion,
  • oxygen infusion ampoule for hair loss,
  • microcurrent massage,
  • LED Hair Laser exposure.

1 treatment: PLN 499

Package x 5: PLN 1,499


  • trichological consultation,
  • scalp peeling,
  • JOICO hair regeneration.

1 treatment: PLN 399

Package x 5: PLN 1,299


  • JOICO hair regeneration,
  • microcurrent massage,
  • LED Hair Laser irradiation.

1 treatment: PLN 299

Package of 5 treatments: PLN 999

TREATMENTS PERFORMED ONLY AT Hollywood Hair SALON, Belwederska 44, Warsaw

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