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How long do hair extensions last?

Jak długo utrzymują się włosy po przedłużaniu?

Hair extensions are a procedure that is becoming more and more popular among women. And no wonder, because it can work wonders on your head! This is the perfect way to thicken your hair and add the desired length to your natural strands. During one visit to a specialist, you can change almost beyond recognition and gain new self-confidence. Sounds promising?

Hair extensions at Hollywood Hair

At the Hollywood Hair salon, we make our clients' dreams come true by thickening and extending their hair as desired. We use our own extension method "HH Keratin mini bonds", which can easily be called the best on the market. The treatment involves manually forming small, strong and very durable welds made of natural keratin. It is safe and the products we use are of the best quality available on the market. The extension treatment performed by us does not destroy the structure of the hair - so it can grow intact.

Hollywood Hair's offer includes "Slavic lux" and "virgin" hair. The former are dyed and available in various shades - to best match your natural hair. However, virgin ones usually come from children - they are delicate and undyed. In our salon, we can extend hair from 35 to 100 cm, according to the client's wishes.

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How often should you pull your hair up?

Lifting, also known as correction, is performed depending on the preferences and quality of the client's natural hair. We usually make an appointment for the next visit in 1.5 to 4 months - depending on the condition and thickness of the natural hair of the person undergoing the treatment.

On the day of the next visit after hair extensions, we remove all strands and mark their locations. Then we redo them by applying a keratin tip. The next step is to put the removed hair back on the client's head. During the treatment, it is worth adding 10/30 g of new strands because after a few months of use, the hair becomes combed and needs to be replenished. After removing it, and before putting on new strands, we wash our hair and usually perform a hair regeneration treatment. This is a procedure that we always recommend to our clients because it has a positive effect on the condition of their natural hairstyle. The duration of the entire pull-up is approximately 3-4 hours.

Pulling up hair is an individual matter, but it can be assumed that:

– thin, weakened hair falling out should be pulled up every 1-1.5 months,

– medium-thick, healthy hair can be curled for 2-3 months,

– thick, healthy hair should be pulled up every 4 months.

You can find more about hair pulling here:

If you would like to use the original hair extension method at Hollywood Hair, make an appointment today . We are waiting for you!


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