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What are the hair extension methods?

Jakie są metody przedłużania włosów?

Hair extensions are a procedure that has been very loud in the media lately. It has been used by celebrities for many years, but also more and more often by women who want to undergo a spectacular metamorphosis, fight for their dreams and build their self-confidence. The fact that hair extensions give amazing results can be seen with the naked eye. Which method of hair extensions should you choose? Which of them is the best and therefore the safest for the hair? We answer these questions!

Hair extension methods

Hair extension and thickening involves attaching strands to the client's natural hair, selected so that they do not differ from the natural hair. Artificial or human hair is used for this purpose, depending on the preferences of the person who wants to undergo the treatment. In just one meeting with an expert, you can thicken your hair and lengthen it by up to 100 cm! Which extension method is the best? There are several methods on the market that have their fans. We decided to take a look at them all.

Available hair extension methods:

keratin involves warm hair extensions using special keratin welds,

sandwich method involves gluing hair strands to silicone strips, which are then glued to a separate part of the hair at the roots.

laser involves combining synthetic hair with natural hair using a laser,

tape involves sewing strands of hair to silicone strips,

ultrasonic involves the use of ultrasonic waves that fuse the strands with the client's natural hair,

loop hair extensions involve extending hair into hypoallergenic loops,

Japanese involves weaving artificial hair into natural hair using a short and thin braid,

injection involves attaching strands to a base imitating skin, which is then glued to the head,

mesh involves the use of natural hair that is attached to a special mesh,

clip on-off involves attaching artificial strands to the tape using clips. This is a temporary solution because the hair can be unfastened at any time.

Hair extensions at Hollywood Hair

In the best Hollywood Hair salon in Poland, every client looking for the highest quality services will find something for themselves. We use our original "HH Keratin mini bondes" extension method, which allows us not only to extend but also to thicken the hair to its own length. This safe procedure involves manually forming small, strong and very durable welds made of natural keratin of the highest quality. It does not damage the hair structure, and therefore the strands used during the treatment are reusable.

Hair for special tasks

It is also worth mentioning that we often undertake difficult cases, including: reconstruction of sides, bangs or hair extensions after chemotherapy (after consultation with the client's doctor). Our offer includes only natural hair from reliable suppliers. We offer "Slavic lux" and "virgin" hair. The former are dyed and available in various shades - to best match our clients' hair. However, virgin ones usually come from children - they are delicate and undyed. At Hollywood Hair, we can extend hair to the length chosen by the client - from 35 to even 100 cm. You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from our clients here >>>

If we have encouraged you to use our proprietary hair extension method, don't hesitate and make an appointment today ! Fulfilling your dreams of beautiful and thick hair is within your reach. We invite you!

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