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Types of Hair we work on at Hollywood Hair

Rodzaje Włosów na jakich pracujemy w Hollywood hair

Hollywood Hair, as a chain of salons with many years of experience in hair extensions, has proven suppliers and purchasers with whom we cooperate on a long-term basis. Thanks to this, we purchase only the best quality hair to provide our clients with the highest standard of services.

Our own HAIR PURCHASE , which we run in the cities: Warsaw, Poznań, Kraków, Sopot, is our source of virgin hair. We select and cut hair ourselves: undyed, healthy and of the highest quality.

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What kind of hair do we work with?



The best quality hair, cut straight from the head, dyed or bleached. They come from women from Slavic countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. This type of hair perfectly matches the hair of Polish women, due to its flexible structure and diversity. Slavic lux hair is also characterized by the best quality, as it is hair selected for this purpose.

Slavic lux hair is divided into the following structures:


i.e. hair with a frizzy and porous structure. After washing, they can dry on their own, leaving a "surfer" style. This type is also susceptible to styling, the hair can be straightened, curled and styled. Recommended for women whose natural hair is high, medium porosity and wavy.



diverse hair, adapting to most structures. After drying, they are straight and slightly fluffy. It is best to put them on a brush to obtain the effect of smooth and shiny hair. Recommended for women who prefer the effect of straight hair and style it more often.



high porosity hair with various curls. If you are interested in this structure, please check their availability before making an appointment.




This is POLISH hair cut straight from the head, not subjected to any processing or dyed. They are characterized by the best existing quality, each ponytail comes from one head.

They are most often dark blonde and 40-50 cm long. If you choose this type of hair, make sure your dream length will be available during your visit.

Available colors and lengths

Slavic lux hair is available in every salon in many shades and lengths of 45-70 cm. We don't have to order them for the client.

*remember to let us know in advance if your hair color is unusual and you would like hair over 70 cm

Virgin hair is available in lengths of 35-45 cm in shades of dark blonde. Longer hair in other shades appears less often. Follow our instagram @hollywoodhairwarsaw to be able to book as soon as they become available.

Klaudia Duszyńska,

expert, trichologist.

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