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Prepare your hair for spring - a guide from Hollywood Hair

Przygotuj włosy na wiosnę - poradnik od Hollywood Hair

Prepare your hair for spring - a guide from Hollywood Hair

Winter is a time when our hair is particularly exposed to unfavorable weather conditions, such as frost, wind or cold air outside and dry air inside. The upcoming spring is the perfect time to take care of the care and health of our strands. How to do it? Below you will find some tips.

1. Cleansing
After winter, our hair often needs deep cleansing. Use a gentle cleansing shampoo that removes impurities and does not negatively affect the hair's natural protective barrier. The scalp will be cared for by peeling, which will clean clogged hair bulbs from excess sebum and the hydrolipid layer.

2. Moisturization and nutrition
Winter weather conditions can make your hair dry, lack moisture and even brittle. Use conditioners and moisturizing masks that will restore the proper level of hydration to your hair. Their regular use will restore softness and elasticity to your hair. It is worth reaching for products with ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter or vitamin E. We encourage you to visit our store and check out our products, which will perfectly support you in this mission.

3. Trimming the ends
Can cutting the ends of your hair help you take care of your hair's health and care? It turns out that yes. Often in winter, hair ends become more susceptible to splitting. A visit to the hairdresser is a good way to get rid of damaged ends and give your hair a fresh look.

4. Avoiding excessive use of hot tools without heat protection
It is worth remembering to use a heat-protective spray when styling your hair with a straightener or curling iron. Spray protection will help prevent micro-damage to your hair.

5. Healthy diet
Remember to eat a healthy diet rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Diet affects not only the condition of your skin, but also the health of your hair. Eat products rich in vitamins A, C, E, biotin, iron and zinc. Appropriate nourishment from the inside will have a positive effect on the condition of your hair.

Spring is the perfect time to revitalize your hair and restore its shine and healthy appearance. Remember about regular care and a healthy lifestyle. Your hair will definitely thank you for it, looking beautiful and healthy!

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