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Secrets of hair care in winter - learn advice from Hollywood Hair

Sekrety pielęgnacji włosów w zimie - poznaj rady od Hollywood Hair

Winter is the time when we mainly focus on protecting our bodies from the cold. However, during the frosty months we should not forget about our hair, which requires special care. Hot radiators, hats, frost - these are the "challenges" our strands have to face. In such conditions, the scalp becomes oily much faster and the hair may become dry, brittle and brittle. So how to care for them in winter to keep them healthy and shiny? Below you will find our tips that will help you with this.

Hair wash

Let's start with the key element - washing your hair. In winter, the so-called the OMO method (conditioner, wash, conditioner) may prove to be salvation. A shampoo tailored to the scalp and carefully selected conditioners are the foundation of our care. This is worth remembering.

Intensive moisturizing therapy

Proper moisturization is a key element in the fight against dry hair. Regular use of conditioners after washing and masks at least once a week will help maintain moisture, restore shine to the hair and make it easier to comb.

In our store you will find a wide range of products that will support you in this task.

Hat as a shield

Despite the controversy, wearing a hat is essential. Loose models made of natural materials, such as cotton or wool, will protect your hair against frost, wind and snow. A hat, worn with care, becomes a kind of ally in winter. By choosing the right model and materials, we can enjoy both a fashionable accent and comprehensive hair protection. Why not immerse yourself in winter elegance while taking care of the health and condition of your strands? 😊

A hair dryer at the service of your hair

Drying your hair properly is a step you cannot skip. A dryer with ionization and a heat protection product after washing are essential, especially in a world where we often lack time for natural drying. Going out in the cold with wet hair not only risks catching a cold, but also damaging your hair.

Winter fight against electricity

Moisturized hair is less susceptible to static electricity. It is worth using nourishing products regularly to maintain the optimal level of moisture, thanks to which the hair will remain soft and smooth. If we notice that hats and scarves cause static electricity in our hair, it is worth considering alternative solutions. A delicate silk scarf may be more friendly to our strands.

Following the above tips will allow you to take proper care of your hair, so that after winter it will not only look beautiful, but will also remain in good condition.

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