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Sleep – your natural cosmetic

Sen – Twój naturalny kosmetyk

Another morning, another trip to the bathroom. You approach the mirror and the question that bothers you every day at this time appears again. Tonic, peeling, or maybe a greasy night cream? What could you use to improve the appearance of your skin? Sometimes you look at your face and see that it lacks life. The complexion seems dull, lifeless and... simply tired? Yes. The skin is a mirror of our lifestyle. If properly regenerated, it is healthy, smooth, young and looks radiant. When there is no balance in our lives, it looks stale, flabby and dull. Ready to learn more about the most powerful cosmetic in your arsenal? We're talking about sleep and its disorders.

Many people are aware of the fact that they should sleep about 7-9 hours every day. Unfortunately, this is often where not only our knowledge ends, but also our practice. Late-night Netflix sessions, heavy consumption of coffee and other stimulating drinks, evening browsing of social media, as well as arguments and getting involved in annoying matters - these are just some of the significant cases that cause the quality of your sleep to be an average of 4/10. And the same applies to your skin later.

Matthew Walker in his book "Why We Sleep" writes that sleep is considered by many of us to be a luxury we cannot afford. No wonder. In the 21st century, each of us strives to achieve as much as possible. However, a day is not a rubber band, it will not stretch. That's why many of us trade off our daily achievements with the time and quality of sleep. This is a very short quilt and sooner or later it will pay off. The fastest on our beauty.

The truth is that sleep is a biological necessity that cannot be disputed. Thanks to good and deep rest at night, the next day you have more energy, you feel great and... you look great! You probably associate the meme with 4 pencils, where 1 of them is brand new. The caption "it's easy to look great when you're doing nothing" isn't entirely true. Although it is true that you could borrow some methodology from Snow White 😉

How to sleep to regain your charm and beauty?

First of all, stop activities that disturb your regenerating and beautifying sleep! There's no checking emails, social media or watching TV after 9 p.m., okay? Artificial blue light emitted by electronics (yes, your laptop and tablet too) reduces melatonin levels, which is a huge problem for your sleep.

Secondly, arguing, getting involved in other people's affairs, training hard after 8 p.m. and other activities that increase your cortisol level are other problems with melatonin. If you have something to say to your guy, leave it for breakfast!

Third, take supplements. Yes. Supplements, not medications, are used to improve sleep-related parameters. What is the list of secret ingredients that will help you sleep better? First of all, it is worth focusing on minerals and vitamins, such as zinc and vitamin B6, in the coenzymatic form - P5P. Plant extracts tone the brain and prepare it for a night's rest. Even if your day has been hectic, the extract of valerian, hop cones and passionflower will let you drift off to the land of dreams. For dessert, it is worth mentioning glycine and melatonin. Thanks to them, the time it takes to fall asleep will be significantly shorter, and you will be able to wake up rested and beautiful in the morning.

It is not without reason that we included the above ingredients in the formula SleepDream for you. So that you can feel for yourself that sleep is your best cosmetic and secret weapon in the fight against everyday struggles.

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