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Hair extensions – keratin or laser?

Przedłużanie włosów – keratynowe czy laserowe?

In our opinion, change starts with the head – literally and figuratively. We don't know much about psychology, but we know how to change your head beyond recognition! Hair extensions are not only fashionable - they are desirable, and in some situations, hair extensions cover imperfections resulting from the condition of the hair or previous diseases. Which option should you choose – keratin or laser hair extensions?

Let's start with the most important thing - why extend your hair?

What benefits do hair extensions give us? A lot! If you are bored with your current hairstyle and don't want to wait long for your hair to grow back, you can add beautiful natural strands. If thin, fluffy hair is your nightmare, and you dream of more volume - try hair extensions. Let's not forget that for many women, hair extensions are the only chance for a normal look. Past diseases, hair loss, alopecia areata - all this means that our head does not look the way we would like it to. The solution is, among others: hair extensions – certain conditions must be met, but we will talk about this in more detail another time. We encourage you to use trichological services in our salon, where you can undergo special scalp treatments.


Hair before and after extensions

Laser extension – what is it?

Laser extension is a relatively new solution. Currently, there are few salons that can boast of using this method due to the difficulty of performing the procedure itself.

Laser hair extensions involve connecting the hair naturally growing on the head to the attached strands using polymer nanoconnections - they are thinner and therefore less visible. The advantage of this method is the ability to attach short strands. The disadvantages include the price of the treatment and the duration of the entire procedure - about 3 hours. Removing extensions is only possible using a special remover. Pull-ups are performed every 4-6 months.


Hollywood Hair HHKeratinMiniBonds original extension technique

Keratin extensions – something we have known for a long time!

Hair extensions using the keratin method involve connecting strands of attached hair with natural hair using keratin welds. The keratin is heated using a welding machine and then formed on the client's hair into a small, hardly visible weld.


Hair extensions after chemotherapy

In our salons we use the keratin hair extension method. We know this so well that we have developed our own HH Keratin mini bondes method, thanks to which you get reusable strands and your natural hair will not dry out. Manually forming small and at the same time exceptionally strong welds guarantees that you will not damage the hair structure and your new look will be amazing!

Hair extensions are pulled up every 1.5-4 months, depending on the condition of the hair - in case of brittle hair, the pull-up should be done more often. If you are looking for a professional salon that will create a beautiful hairstyle for you using keratin hair extensions and help you choose the right hair care cosmetics extended ones – you couldn't have chosen better! Visit one of our Hollywood Hair salons , and change your hairstyle beyond recognition!


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