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Hair extensions care – how to properly care for them?

Pielęgnacja włosów przedłużonych – jak prawidłowo o nie dbać?

Congratulations! Hair extensions were the right decision - you now have a new, beautiful hairstyle. Do you know how to care for your hair extensions to enjoy them as long as possible? Use our tips and you will be surprised how simple it is. The devil is not as scary as he is painted. 😊 Welcome to ABC of hair extension care by Hollywood Hair!

Do extended hair require special care?


In our opinion, each hair requires appropriate care, adapted to the type and structure of the hair - thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy a well-groomed hairstyle for many months. Keratin hair extensions cannot be treated in the same way as you did before the treatment. Why? Because this way you can quickly lose the effect of our work - your hair will start to tangle, break and fall out. And we don't wish this on any of our clients.

Hair extensions care – hair washing

Before we get to the point, we encourage you to visit our tab Care , which includes the principles of proper hair care. You can also find more valuable tips on our channel at YouTube .


Let's start with the most important thing - proper washing of hair extensions. After all, all hair needs to be washed, even hair extensions, and especially natural hair extensions. We wash our heads in a vertical position - we do not lean over the bathtub. Water temperature doesn't matter here - use the temperature you like. Once you have soaked your head, we move on to applying it shampoo – we place a small amount on the scalp – there are no extensions here, so we won't damage anything. Massage the scalp until foam is created, then run your hand down along the hair and massage it in gently. Important: do not wash hair extensions in circular motions. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly. Drain excess water with a towel. Apply a mask or mask to the ends of your hair conditioner , rinse after 5 minutes and drain excess water again.

Drying hair extensions – remember this!

You can wrap your hair in a turban for a while to drain excess water. Remember, do not wear a turban all day long - it is harmful to your hair, including natural hair. After removing the towel, we start combing the damp strands. We recommend combing using a special brush brushes for combing hair extensions . We take small sections of hair, hold them close to the extensions, and brush them with gentle movements from top to bottom. Then we apply the thermo-protective spray conditioner . Then we dry the head by moving the brush from the roots of the head to the ends. We finish drying it using a brush and a hairdryer to obtain perfectly straight salon-like hair.


Can you style extended hair?

Of course! On our YouTube channel you will find, among others: curling iron tests performed on hair extensions. We also encourage you to watch the video in which we explain step by step how to curl hair extensions .

If you have more questions about the care of hair extensions, please visit Hollywood Hair salons!

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