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Hair extensions before and after – how to prepare and how to care for your hair extensions?

Przedłużanie włosów przed i po – jak się przygotować i jak pielęgnować włosy przedłużane?

Proper application of hair extensions can transform many women - natural extensions add volume to the hairstyle and also look healthy and well-groomed. Do you know, How to prepare for the application of hair extensions ? How to care for hair extensions to enjoy them as long as possible? Check out our mini-guide and start preparing now to create a completely new look!


Why do we choose hair extensions?

There may be as many answers to this question as there are owners of extensions. 😊 There are at least several reasons why women - and increasingly willing men - decide to extend their hair:

  • Health issues
    People struggling with chronic diseases and scalp diseases such as alopecia areata feel discomfort in public places when they are exposed to judgmental glances from those around them. Hair extensions help mask problem areas. Women after chemotherapy also willingly choose hair extensions - not everyone wants to wait for regrowth hair, not everyone likes wigs.
  • Psychological aspect
    A beautiful and well-groomed hairstyle adds self-confidence. And long hair, which we achieve within a few hours, can attract many attention.
  • Convenience
    Natural hair extensions are an option for women who are impatient or tired of their hairstyle and growing out their hair. Stress, illness or inadequate care can delay hair growth - few people like to wait a long time for spectacular results.

How to prepare for hair extensions?

We always start with consultation . We determine the condition of the hair and verify whether there are any contraindications to hair extensions, as we do not want to worsen the situation, e.g. if we lose large amounts of natural hair.


It belongs to the procedure itself cleanse the scalp thoroughly . We come to the treatment with washed hair shampoo that deeply cleanses the hair cuticle , without applying conditioners or other preparations - we don't want the strands to slip off during or after the treatment.

Hair extension care – what should you remember?

When we leave the salon, we are in love with the new look. Until it's time to start washing or styling for the first time. We don't have to worry that the desired hairstyle will be damaged if we remember a few rules.


  • Washing your hair in a vertical position
    We do not wash our heads while leaning over the bathtub. Wet the scalp and hair, apply a small amount of shampoo, massage the scalp and spread the resulting foam on the hair (from top to bottom).
  • Mask and conditioner
    After rinsing the shampoo, it is very important to apply a conditioner or mask that will smooth the hair and make it easier to comb.
  • Squeeze out excess water and start drying
    We don't wear a turban on our head for half the day.
  • We dry our hair and then style it
    First, spray the entire hair with heat protectant. Then we direct the air stream from the roots down. Finally, use a brush and a hairdryer to dry and smooth the strands.

Hollywood Hair cosmetics for hair extensions


IN our store you will find cosmetics intended for the care of extended hair as well as damaged hair or hair prone to breakage. A wide selection of supplements is the perfect choice for people who want to improve the health of both their hair and the entire body.

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