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Hair extension treatment – ​​for whom? Contraindications – this is worth knowing!

Zabieg przedłużania włosów – dla kogo? Przeciwwskazania – o tym warto wiedzieć!

Hair extensions allow you to change your look, increase your self-esteem and improve your well-being. This is a procedure that more and more Polish women are choosing. In a few hours you get a salon-like hairstyle - beautiful, long and well-groomed hair, even if yesterday your hair barely reached your chin. 😊 Can anyone extend their hair and what are the contraindications? for this treatment?

Hair extensions – for whom?

The simplest answer would be "practically for everyone." Mainly women choose hair extensions, although men are also increasingly willing to ask about this type of treatment. Everyone wants to have a beautiful, well-groomed hairstyle.


People with hair that is falling out or breaking often use hair extension treatments

Both young people and mature women choose hair extensions. It all depends on our expectations and the condition of the hair. Hair extensions are a bit time-consuming, but they give spectacular results. Extensions they can thicken your hair or extend the length of your hair when you dream of long strands and don't want to wait forever for your hair to grow back.

What should you pay attention to before deciding on hair extensions?

When deciding on hair extensions the condition of the hair is crucial . Perhaps you hadn't even considered hair extensions before, but a trichologist suggested such a solution?


At Hollywood Hair, we offer the opportunity to make an appointment consultation with a trichologist who will assess the condition of your hair, take a closer look at it and help you choose appropriate care treatments or apply treatment before booking a hair extension treatment. The full offer of trichological services and the price list can be found in the tab price list .

Contraindications to hair extensions

There are situations in which our hair extension specialists or even the trichologist himself will not undertake hair extensions due to poor hair condition or other contraindications. What exactly are we talking about? When do we not recommend hair extensions?

  • Excessive hair loss
    First of all, you need to recognize the problem, find the cause and start treatment. Hair may fall out due to vitamin D3 deficiency, hormonal disorders, poor diet or persistent severe stress. They may also be symptoms of serious diseases.
  • Poor hair condition
    Brittle, brittle and sparse hair may not support extensions. In such a situation, first, with the help of a trichologist, we work on rebuilding the hair.
  • Dermatitis/seborrheic dermatitis, visible skin irritation
    Such symptoms should be treated as our body's alarm that something is wrong and requires specific action. We go to a trichologist who will help us choose the appropriate treatment.
  • Psychological concerns
    If you are not sure whether hair extension treatment is for you, discuss your doubts with a psychologist. The most important thing is your mental comfort.

Can people after chemotherapy use extensions?


Hair extensions after chemotherapy

If the hair has stopped falling out, has started to grow back, and its condition is good - it is not brittle, but strong and strong - there are no contraindications to the use of hair extensions . The only condition is that the actual hair must be of a minimum length to allow the extensions to be used.

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