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Hair extensions – the most common hair care mistakes. What to watch out for?

Włosy doczepiane – najczęstsze błędy pielęgnacyjne. Na co uważać?

You are considering hair extensions. You browse various websites to gather as much information as possible about the proper care of your extensions. Do you know what situations and care treatments to avoid so as not to damage the hair extensions? Check, what not to do with hair extensions .

Hair extensions require care

The hair extensions are not connected to the scalp in any way, so our body is unable to provide them with appropriate nutritional values ​​or proper hydration. We have to take care of this ourselves. You absolutely have to avoid drying your hair natural, if we want healthy and shiny strands.

Care is not only moisturizing, but also washing, combing and applying scalp treatments . Extensions constitute a small burden for the actual hair, so our task is to take care of the condition of natural and extension hair.

Hair care mistakes - washing your hair


Having hair extensions involves changing some habits or rituals. Even regular hair washing may no longer look like it used to. Above all we wash our hair in a vertical position . Forget about washing your hair over the bathtub or in the sink.

We don't scrub our hair, first of all We do not wash our hair in circular motions . The extensions may become tangled, damaged or mechanically pulled out. We gently scrub the scalp and spread the resulting foam from the roots to the tips.

Drying your hair – avoid this


Above all no more turban remaining on our heads for half the Saturday . Even for natural hair, such behavior does more harm than good. Drain excess water with a towel and start drying. But first, heat protection for the ends.

Start by directing the airflow from the roots to the ends. Style with a brush and a hairdryer. Dry in a vertical position, not with your head down.

Styling errors – combing, styling, pinning up

An ordinary brush can do a lot of damage to your extensions. Use a special brush for combing brushes for hair extensions . This will prevent you from damaging the keratin capsules.

Your hair may be subjected to styling treatments, but it is worth remembering: using heat protection before using a straightener or curling iron . On our YouTube channel you can see how we test various small household appliances curlers . It's there too tutorial on how to make beautiful waves on hair extensions – be sure to watch it.

Hair extensions can be tied into ponytails or braided. But remember to don't tie your hair too tight – this way you weigh down the actual hair and expose the extensions to damage at the connection point. If you are looking for a hairstyle for a big event, you can always buy ready-made updos/buns made of natural or synthetic hair (we recommend the former).

Remember that after hair extension treatment you need to make an appointment regular hair pulling . Too long breaks can result in hair tangling, tangles or hair extensions being pulled out.

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