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Tape on, clip in – hair extension methods

Tape on, clip in – metody przedłużania włosów

Have you decided to extend your hair? Cool! Do you already know what method you will use during the salon treatment? Tape on? Clip in? These names mean nothing to you? Don't worry, we will explain it to you in this article hair extension methods and the advantages and disadvantages of each of these solutions, so that you can consciously make this important decision.

Hair extensions – who uses them and why?


There is no clear answer to this question. There may be several reasons - we are bored with our current hairstyle and we don't want to wait for the hair to grow back naturally. Perhaps you decided to get hair extensions because your hair is weakened after illness, chemotherapy or you are struggling with scalp problems (e.g. alopecia areata). Or do you want to look like a well-groomed woman with beautiful, long hair? Contrary to appearances Hair extension treatment is for everyone . Men are also becoming more and more bold to visit us. You do not believe? Check out one of our YouTube videos where we present the metamorphosis of a certain boy . 😊

Hair extension methods

Coming back to the topic, there are various hair extension methods, the most commonly used are:

  • Keratin method – hh keratin mini bonds
  • Tape on
  • Clip-in

Read on to learn what each of these methods is and when to use them. Not sure which method is right for you? Make an appointment for a free consultation !

Hollywood Hair's own method - HH Keratin Mini Bondes


HH Keratin mini bonds is an original method of manually forming very tiny, strong and durable welds using the best quality natural keratin, thanks to which they do not damage the hair structure and the strands are reusable.

The method involves connecting strands of natural hair with strands of hair extensions using keratin welds. The keratin is heated using a welding machine and formed into a tiny weld on a strand of the client's hair, without the heat touching the client's hair. Why is the method unique? Hollywood Hair specialists work in teams where designated stylists constantly create highlights that match the client's hair color and thickness, thanks to which it is possible to create the most personalized hair extension effect . Hair extension specialists adjust smaller/larger strands to specific places on the head, which is why the mini capsule method allows for the reconstruction of very short hair, sides, bangs and also allows hair extensions almost to the top of the head, where it is impossible with other methods.

Hair made with the original Hollywood Hair method should be pulled up every 4 months (fine and brittle hair 1-2 months, medium-thick hair 3 months, thick hair 4 months). Hair lifting involves removing the strands and re-applying them: the weld is crushed with special clippers without disturbing the structure of natural hair and without the use of liquids and chemicals. During the hair lifting procedure, the strands are shortened by the length of the weld and after cutting the ends, at the end of the extension from 2-7 cm, depending on the cut (hair cut straight will be shortened more). Hair weight loss every 3-4 months between pull-ups may be approximately 10-15%, depending on the care and combing method.

Tape on – sandwich method


Method Tape On it is considered safer and less burdensome to natural hair. Called sandwich method , because extensions glued to transparent tape are placed between the natural strands. The connection points between the extensions and the natural strands are practically invisible, and the light tape does not weigh down the hair.

The condition for using the Tape on method is to have natural hair that is at least 15 cm long. Their role is to thicken and/or lengthen hair. Usually, the treatment takes about an hour and 10 to 30 "sandwiches" are applied - a lot depends on our needs and expectations.

Clip in – instant hair extension


For method Clip-in They are mainly chosen by women who care about quickly changing and adding length/volume to your hairstyle for a short time – a big night out, a corporate event, a wedding. Clip in are strands of hair that it is attached to natural hair using clips . Sometimes the connection point (clips) are visible, so extensions are usually added to updos or braids. Clips may weigh down the hair, so they are not recommended for permanent use. What is important, You can put on clip-in hair yourself , without having to make an appointment at a salon or hairdressing salon. For experienced women, applying the clips takes several minutes. We quickly gain a completely changed look - what more could you want?

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